Our flagship technology, the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) system is the world’s most widely used and trusted 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing system, for use with moderate to high-risk, hardcore DUI alcohol offenders. It combines 24/7 continuous alcohol testing with optional house arrest monitoring in a single device.


Virginia Electronic Monitoring Systems, LLC (VEMS) is proud to offer a one-piece GPS tracking anklet that combines superior location accuracy with industry leading battery life. VEMS provides a high level of service quality and technical support that our customers have come to rely on.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Products

VEMS offers a complete line of drug detection products and services that compliment industry best practices, and enable you to implement a successful testing program. Our reliable drug screening devices allow you to make fast and informed decisions about substance abuse issues. The test device you select should be from an innovative and trusted leader. We offer numerous FDA 510(k) Cleared devices intended for a workplace setting, as well as numerous tests for clinical or forensic use.

Laboratory Testing Services

We offer state-of-the-art technology, automated computer systems, and a skilled laboratory staff to ensure accurate analysis for urine, oral fluid, and hair specimens.  To perform testing, we offer more than 1100 different test panels to meet your needs.  Lab testing is a 2-part process: screening and confirmation.  CAP/FUDT and CLIA accreditation, DEA registration, and SAMHSA certification. 

AlcoMate Premium Breath Alcohol Tester (Model AL7000)

  • DOT Approved for Law Enforcement Accuracy +/-0.01 at 0.10 g/dL (%BAC)
  • No Calibration (PRISM Sensor technology)
  • FDA 510(k) Cleared
  • US Coast Guard Approved
  • ISO 9002 Certified